How do I request a hand history? How many hand histories can I request?

 02/10/2016 16:47:11 EST

Click on the dealer tray and select ‘Request hand history’. You can request up to your last 200 hands, your hand histories for a period of time, all the hands you played in a tournament, or any specific single hand.

You can also request a hand history from the BetStars lobby. From the ‘Request’ menu, choose ‘Hand History’.

We also offer an ‘Instant Hand History’ (IHH) feature at all tables, which will allow you (even at play money tables and in freerolls) to review your most recent hands. To launch this feature, simply click on the hand numbers at the upper left of the table. A window will open where you can see text versions of your hands. In the IHH, click the ‘Options’ button to set the Instant Hand History to save your hands to a file. You can also launch the IHH by clicking the Dealer Chip Tray or ‘Options’ button at the top of the table, and selecting ‘Instant Hand History.’

You will find a ‘Visualize’ button in the IHH which you can use to replay a hand visually in a new window. You can also ‘replay’ the most recent hand by clicking the red button next to the hand numbers on the table.

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