Video: What does BetStars do with my money?

Last Updated 02/10/2016 16:47:11 EST

Episode 2 of the Inside BetStars series titled 'What does BetStars do with my money?'

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» My bank account number has changed – how can I update it?

To enable us to swiftly handle your request, please email from your registered email address stating ‘Remove bank account information’ in your subject line...

» How can I update my date of birth?

You will be able to enter your date of birth personally from the Client only if you have never registered a date of birth before...

» There is a charge on my bank statement that I do not recognize. How do I know if it is from your company?

The descriptor that appears on your bank statement for transactions to and from your BetStars account is displayed in your cashier confirmation email...

» Can I transfer funds across different currencies?

Transfers across different currencies can only be completed if both players (sender and receiver) have the same currency accounts set up within their BetStars accounts...